Author's note

I figured that those who enjoyed my story might be interested to know a bit more about this story.

Parts of it play in Prague. I have no better reason for this than the fact that I have been there 12 years ago, and found it to be a wonderful town. It feels a bit like immortals must feel, with lots of history in it, but it is living today, and past and present merge together there. I do apologise for using the places as I remember them, especially on the Hradschin itself. The problem is, I could not dig up a map anywhere of the Hradschin itself, so I don't know 100% that the fight could actually take place the way I described (especially I am not sure where the giant staircase actually ends on the Hradschin) but 12 years have blurred my memory a bit. However, if you ever come to Europe, take the opportunity and check it out yourself - it's well worth visiting!

I felt at liberty to use the Hradschin for the fight, although the President of the Czech Republic resides there, too, because, if Duncan and Kalas can have the Eiffel tower, I can have the Hradschin.

I have also mentioned Cologne in the story. That's mainly because I live there (Another city well worth visiting!)

The communication problem with Duncan and Isis so hard to reach in Europe is probably real, as far as I know US-cellular phones don't work in Europe. But even if the would, it would spoil the story line.

In the middle the story might be a bit slow. That's because I had to overcome a bad case of writer's block. Hope nobody broke of there reading it.

The story itself an old one, or at least parts of it have been in my head for as long as the first movie. It is a merger between different story lines. An early version of the Isis story-line I did conceive already after the first movie. It had her as the Kurgan's sister, and (at that time) the only female immortal. That quickly changed in an immortal that was able to have children. It rested for a long while, where I was actually thinking a lot about a story-line that has nothing to do with Highlander - probably a book I am going to write some day, and one I'd even try to get published. Which is why I'll let it ripe for a while, I simply don't have the experience for a what-if historical novel with very complex and mostly historical characters.

Other story-lines that were sort of predecessors were various stories about 'How to get Duncan and/or Joe into bed?' They never got very far, mostly. (Well, they got far in terms of an XXX-rating, but somehow I got distracted from the story line....)

Out of those, the first chapter emerged. I actually had 90% of that in my head when I started to write it down. I usually imagine scenes very graphically, especially beginnings, and I am doing the same now for the finale. Same goes for the next story I am going to write. I have no idea where it will lead me, but the beginning is there (unlike the FDOT sequel, where I actually wrote a draft - but here too, the first scene most likely stands).

What triggered the actual writing was Methos, though. I had not seen him on TV, as they are shown here usually months later here in Germany, but the thought of the oldest living immortal, and what I heard about him, just made the storylines fit together very nicely suddenly, and I had a beginning, and I had a rough idea what would follow, and so I sat down on a Saturday afternoon and started writing.

As you can see, I am already planing to write more. One thing is a sequel for FDOT, triggered by a reader who wanted to know more about how immortals deal with having children. Occasionally remarks like these trigger a line of thought in my head that develops itself, this time it had to do with things like 'Uncle Methos' and 'Aunti Amanda'. Little Ann surely enjoys them ;-)

And of course there are a few more questions unanswered in FDOT - like who *is* Little Ann's real father, and if there are Egyptian gods still alive - might not be some of their followers, too?

The story I plan to write first, though (mainly because 2 chapters already stand) is one about another immortal the series has so far missed to show ;-) and another piece of Methos past - one he has not quite come to terms with. It's also a X-over with the X-Files. The two shows just fit together too well.

So, if you want to comment on the story, or on those I plan to write, or anything else, mail me!

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