From The Dawn Of Time They Came

A few notes before you start reading:

  This story contains a few uncanonical things, since it partly deals with the origin of the immortals. So if you insist on the canon, this story is not for you. (Coming to think of it, probably none of mine is ;-)

  This index links to the chapters in the story, however, it is all one long text file which you can simply safe, no matter which chapter you initially chose, with the exception of the notes. I did that for the benefit of those readers who only missed one chapter or so, and because I hate downloading umpteen parts to get one story.
  You can also download the story as plain-text ZIP-file here. (Includes the notes)

One note about formatting: I wrote this story German Style, that is, no new paragraph for every new speaker. I refused to do that even after having been cautioned by some American readers. I apologize for that, because I simply had not realized that this was no particular weakness on the side of my readers, but simply a matter of different writing style. (Sorry, pals, but I grew up on the hard stuff ;-)
I know better now, but have not gotten around to reedit the story. I did take care, though, that it is clear who speaks. I also WILL reedit it some time. For now, you will have to live with it. Sorry again.

Part 1

where Joe meets an immortal stranger

Part 2

in which Duncan meets Yamo again, and so does Joe. They are interrupted, though.

Part 3

in which Joe meets a pregnant woman and discovers an amazing secret

Part 4

In New York, Yamo keeps looking for Conner and hopes everything is all right with Isis, and in Seacouver Isis tells Joe a strange story

Part 5

Yamo's search continues, and he meets a nice salesman

Part 6

In Seacouver, Isis explains a few more things to Joe, and Joe has to explain a brand new baby to Duncan. In New York, the Shadow shows up.

Part 7

Isis and Yamo are terrified by the work of the Shadow. Yamo flees, and Isis tries to find out *anything* from Joe.

Part 8

Isis and Yamo still have no success, and Duncan is not too please with the mysterious mother of the baby. He also meets Isis.

Part 9

While looking for clues at the place of the Shadow's latest crime, Yamo gets into trouble with the police himself. A historian becomes excited about his notebook.

Part 10

Isis has to get rid of the baby - whether she likes it or not. And while Yamo makes very little progress, he meets the historian again.

Part 11

Isis prepares to hand over the child to an unsuspecting Duncan. Yamo enlists Dr. James as a helper.

Part 12

Duncan finds himself as the father of a child. Yamo has to explain some things to Dr. James. Isis tells Duncan that they both can care for the baby.

Part 13

The Shadow might have found a trace of Isis, and Isis and Duncan decide to leave for Paris.

Part 14

Methos turns up - and to Joe's surprise Yamo seems to have known him for a *long* time.

Part 15

Joe and Yamo *finally* come to know each other better and Yamo answers some of Joe's questions. Also, there is a hint that might give some insight into the Shadow this time.

Part 16

In Seacouver somebody turns up whom nobody wants to meet. The Shadow. He leaves quickly, but towards a destination they had him rather not go to.

Part 17

Duncan and Isis have left Paris. Methos, Joe and Yamo head to Prague. And there, Connor meets a beautiful woman.

Part 18

Joe, Yamo and Methos know they are close to find what they are looking for, but close just isn't enough. And a chance meeting between Connor and Yamo is not quite what Yamo had expected.

Part 19

Isis tries to convince Duncan and Methos that there is real danger out there. Unfortunately, both don't believe her - at first.

Part 20

Running feet, clashing swords, and a quickening.


Just tying up a few loose ends.

Author's Note

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