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From The Dawn Of Time They Came

Alright, so I finally found a place where to put my first piece of fanfic on public display.

Please note - this place is still under construction.

Under Constuction

Anyway, the story I wrote I started more than a year ago, and then got a bad case of writers's block. A few weeks ago I decided to finish it. It is still unfinished, but I keep writing.

So, here's From The Dawn Of Time They Came

Note: This story contains a few uncanonical things, since it partly deals with the origin of the immortals. So if you insist on the canon, this story is not for you.
This story is also not for you if you don't like people having sex. I won't go into detailed descriptions, so the story is not rated ADULT, however, you have been warned.

Since I did not want to add to the mulitple pages which consist mainly of links to pages that consist of links to pages that consist of links to .... So here is exactly one link to The Mother Of All Highlander Links

If you would like to know a bit more about me, here is a page with two pics of mine. That too is under construction.


And if you DID enjoy (or didn't, but want to tell me anyway), e-mail me.

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